AMOR ELISE brand exists to connect people with the rhythms of nature and give the confidence to create and express their true self through dance. 

At AMOR shoes, we believe that human beings probably danced even before there was a name for it. Rhythmic body movement springs from a desire for personal expression and social connection. When people dance, they are their most genuine self... they are happy. We believe that dancing can help us better understand our common humanity by experiencing, exploring, and appreciating the different nuances of this impulse.

We are a group of artists, designers, and marketers who have one obsession in common - Dance. As professional Latin and Ballroom dancers over the past 10 years, we could not find beautifully designed dance shoes that perform like athletic shoes, withstand daily wear and tear, while providing highest quality and comfort without breaking the bank. We also witnessed that our dancer friends and colleagues struggle to find a correct size and fit, and often end up with uncomfortable and painful pairs of dance shoes. We're here to solve these issues.

We are a dancer centric design house obsessed with developing dance shoes that act as an extension of dancer's body. 
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